One Big Family (2006-06-19)

The one kitten that fell off the ledge last month didn't have to go back up there to join her siblings because they have all come down to join her, in our balcony!  Mama Cat has been bringing her brood into our balcony where they sleep, eat and play!!

When the kittens eat, they are usually oblivious to what happens behind them so a certain hand can creep up to grab and "examine" them, heehee.  As a result, I discovered Mama Cat has three girls and two boys! 

The kitten who got lost last month is the feistiest of all and often bullies her siblings especially at feeding times.  She has learned not to be afraid of me very early on, but the rest are pretty shy and timid, in varying degrees.  Another calico kitten in particular is very wary of me and will bolt if I so much as stand too close to the balcony door.  Five different kittens, five different personalities.  All in all, Mama Cat produces some very handsome offspring.

Unfortunately Mama Cat won't let people get close to her so it's very difficult to catch her and take her to the vet for spaying.   Seeing her keep giving birth to kittens is a pain, but seeing those kittens starve is even worse, therefore I'll continue to give them food and let nature take care of the rest.

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