The Latest Kitten Of Mama Cat (2006-12-13)

Mama Cat's latest birth resulted in only one lone kitten.  I saw it the first time on Nov 6 up on a wall behind our apartment.  Lately it's been brave enough to venture to the lamp post at the front of our apartment so I have been seeing this little plucky baby around.

Like all kittens, it is one cute furry thing.  It is mainly white with round patches of black on the body and head with a splodge of black around its nose.  Its eyes have an unusual color.  They are neither green nor brown, but a bluish gray.  I think they are very pretty.  I hope nature takes good care of it if all the good cat lovers in my neighborhood can't find it a home.  (Mrs Y is already putting food out for it everyday as soon as she heard words of its presence.)

UPDATE:  I catnapped the kitten and handed it over to Ms I whose friend will adopt it.  Good on her.

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