Poong Kum Cheap Korean Buffet (2008-02-13)

My friend and I went to Oukubo (Koreatown) trying to find the restaurant that has been featured on a TV show about their cheap buffet. 

The line was long when we found it but it was moving fairly briskily.  There weren't a whole lot of choices on the two buffet tables, but for 980Yen (US$9) you really can't complain.

There's your classic kimchi, Korean rice cakes, some other stews in a red sauce (from Korean chili paste), and even a Korean style chicken curry (also looks red).  There's a table with ten kinds or so banchan which was tasty.  You could make your own bibimba using the banchan as toppings.

The Korean pancake which didn't come out fast enough for the crowd was fantastic.  Every time the staff brought it out, it was snatched clean in two seconds.  It indeed was the best dish on offer; a crispy shell with a chewy innards encasing long strands of garlic chives, onion and carrots.  The slightly spicy sauce makes it delectably more-ish. 

By the time our 90 minutes were up, we were stuffed.  The line was even longer when we left the restaurant.

Poong Kum      Oukubo 1-10-15 2F, Shinjuku (kanji)-ku      Tel: 03-3208-3338

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