Twisted Loaf With Pepper Ham And Oregano (2008-05-22)

Recipe adapted from Jennie Shapter's Bread Machine book.  I didn't think of taking photos while I was making it, oops.  The spicy ham in the bread, the herb flavor and the crunchy crust make it great with salad or soup, or even just on its own.

230ml water, 350gm bread flour, 1tsp honey, 5gm instant yeast, 1tbsp olive oil, 5gm salt, 50gm coarsely chopped spicy pepper ham (the spicier the better, don't use ordinary smoked ham), 1tsp dried oregano (or your favorite herb)

1) Put everything except the ham and herb in bread machine.  Do the dough course.
2) When done, remove from machine.  Gently knock back air and shape into a ball.  Cover and rest 10 minutes.
3) Roll into a 2cm thick disc, sprinkle herb and ham all over leaving a 1cm clear border. 
4) Fold one side of the dough to the center, then the other side.
5) Press the folds to seal.  Then fold again along the center line, press the seam to seal.  You should end up with a fat log.
6) Roll the log back and forth to make a skinny log of 65cm.
7) Hold the center of the log and start twisting the dough to make a, well, twisted log! (as pictured)  Tuck in the end bit to make a nice rounded tail.
8) Rise in 30C environment till doubled in size, about an hour.
9) Just before baking in a 190C oven for 40 minutes, brush or spritz water all over the loaf.
10) Cool on a wire rack.

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