Our Apartment (2004-06-25)

Our apartment is not your typical Japanese apartment in that it has two stories.  The building stands on its own but we do share a common wall with our nextdoor neighbor.  Not having another tenant above us is a blessing, we are not particularly fond of listening to other people's noise and footsteps over our heads.

Just because it is a double-story building doesn't mean it is big.  The whole apartment measures less than 400 sq ft.  There is a small dining area,  a slightly bigger-than-usual kitchen (which is still incredibly small compared to those in the US or Australia), a bathroom and a toilet downstairs.  A small staircase landing flanked by our bedroom and a tatami room make up the second floor.

Generally speaking we are happy with our living arrangement.  Afterall big houses are not for us.  Even if I had millions of dollars, I would still want to live in a small house.  What is more important to me is a garden.  I only wish our apartment had a little yard and a bigger front garden.  Fortunately I can grow pot plants in the two enclosed balconies, sometimes we even have a barbecue in the one downstairs.  We are also lucky to get full sun in the front of our apartment, thus enabling me to play with gardening a bit more.  There are no other buildings directly across ours to block the sun, just a private parking lot in which Daifoo sometimes take a walk.  We are already much better-off than a lot of other apartment dwellers.

Although our apartment is small, it does have everything we need.  Yes, I can certainly stay in this apartment until the day we leave Japan.

Update: I'm already 50% off in my tipping of this year's Euro finals teams. I can only say that penalty shootout sucks! A team's football skill in the field is no way reflected in its score in a shootout. Well, England lost 5-6 to Portugal; it's just plain and simple BAD LUCK for them.

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