Loud Sellers (2004-09-23)

Among the various people who conduct their business from a van, washing poles sellers and used electronic goods collectors are the loudest.  These two vendors circle the residential area regularly in their vans with a taped message advertising their business blaring repeatedly from a speaker cranked up to an incredibly deafening volume.  They drive around our neighborhood any day and anytime.  If you want to sleep in on a Sunday morning or take a nap in the afternoon, you might be rudely waken up by loudspeakers.

Another kind of people who go around in their vans making very loud noises are politicians during election time.  They usually speak through three or four microphones and the sound that comes out of the amplifliers is enough to waken the dead. 

I don't care what people are selling, I am not giving my business or vote (if I'm eligible) to anyone who wakes me up before my alarm clock does.  That is very annoying.

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