Red 8 (2012-04-03)

Not that we didn't want to leave Wynn to search for dinner, I really wanted to try the Peking duck in one of their own restaurants which are cooked in their woodfire oven, a replica of the real thing in Peking using apple wood.  .

Nowadays it's very difficult to eat Peking duck with our friends and family, the women just don't want to eat the skin of any poultry, be it crispy or not, those health nuts!

Our Peking duck came ready sliced with meat attached (not just the skin) in half size, perfect for two or three people.  The skin was crispy and the meat so very juicy and tender, absolutely delicious!

We also tried their unusual drunken chicken which was in block form kept cold with crushed ice.  The steamed roll was dense and very filling, definitely not my favorite but KL just loves them logs.@_@

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