Il Pleut Surla Seine (2012-06-24)

Tucked inside a secluded complex away from the heart of Daikanyama (kanji) is another great patisserie whose owner chef Yumita Toru acquired his skill in Paris.  He has been on TV, published numerous cookbooks, and runs a pastry school and a kitchen supply shop.

On our visit the three tightly-packed tables inside the shop were occupied but we wouldn't have chosen to sit there even if they weren't when there was spaciou terrace seating.

We went there for their famous cakes but changed our minds after spotting tubs of sorbets in the fridge.  We didn't see the boss himself but another chef politely took our orders.  After paying, he personally went outside the doors to direct us to the tables.

All four tables were empty when we took our seats but filled up soon afterwards. To our surprise, he served us our sorbets himself which was presented prettily in a chilled bowl.  We thought we would just be eating them out of their containers!

Several minutes passed, the chef returned with complimentary snacks!  I don't know what we did to deserve such special attention as no other tables got any treats and they were served by a waitress, not the chef.

As for the sorbets, the oval-shaped scoop topped with a large almond florentine looked much bigger than the small tubs we saw in the fridge.  It was also ultra creamy; so silky you'd think it was ice cream.  The pear sorbet was delicious but the passionfruit was too tart for my liking.

The surprise of the day was the free ice cream sandwich that we absolutely loved.  The vanilla ice cream was velvety and the nutty cookies crispy yet chewy.

A return trip is planned for that ice cream sandwich (and perhaps be chased with a piece of cake or so?).

Il Pleut Surla Seine      2/F Daikanyama Forum, Sarugakucho 17-16    Tel: 3476-5211

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