Kobo Touch (2012-10-11)

We have amassed so many ebooks that we wanted an eReader for ease of reading.  The iPad is just too heavy to hold after, like five minutes.

We debated over which one to get and settled for Kobo Touch.  At 185gm, it is a joy to hold.  However it is painfully slow, so much so that KL has to remove a lot of the books to speed up the response.  But I must admit that the slow response is partly due to the fact that he "tweaked" the device to read Chinese characters (a language it doesn't support).  And the device is prone to hanging up.

Perhaps we are so used to the easy and smooth page-turning of the iPad that we find the Kobo Touch's screen hard to tap sometimes.  Also without a light, it's difficult to read at night.

In general, not an eReader we would recommend.  But since it was bought with prize money that accompanied an award KL won at work, we are ok with this not-so-stellar device. 

Kindle's newest model (paperwhite) is something we may look into in the future but the thought of having to convert all our ebooks one by one to the format Kindle supports is a pain in the butt.

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