The Cheapest Department Store In Tokyo (2005-01-23)

Takeya (kanji) is the cheapest "department store" in Tokyo.  The store is made up of a set of purple buildings in Ueno (kanji) on the busy intersection near Omachikachi Station, you can't miss them.  Takeya is crammed and old.  There are no wide aisles, roomy lifts and escalators, and information booths staffed with young women dressed in crisp uniforms.  There are however unbeatable low-priced merchandise, a wide variety of goods, and free delivery. 

Takeya is always full of shoppers.  The ground floor that sells food items is especially popular among bargain hunters, you often have to fight your way  among housewives who pack the floor. 

We have bought a few big-ticket items at Takeya including our refrigerator, microwave oven, dining table set and my computer desk and chair.  They may not have the latest models or a hugh selection in many merchandise, but their prices are really the cheapest among competitor stores.  Check out Takeya before your next purchase, it could save you a few hundred bucks.  It has for us.

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