The Failed 2000-yen Notes (2005-03-19)

People don't like changes.  Take for instance the 2000-yen notes the government tried to incorporate into the currency that failed miserably.  Not only do Japanese people have nothing good to say about the new notes, they so fiercely reject them that I only saw the new bills in circulation for a short moment.  I haven't seen them again for months and months, perhaps the government has stopped printing them?

So, for the time being, I'll say Japan has only three denominations in paper money, which come in 1000-yen, 5000-yen and 10000-yen notes.  The government thought introducing a 2000-yen to the currency would add to the convenience of everyday use.  I am in favor of the new bill, I think getting two 2000-yen notes in the change is better than getting four 1000-yen ones.  But when the new notes hit the market, people hated them.  The cashier at my supermarket actually had to apologize to me for having to give me one in the change! 

No culture is more stubborn in sticking to their old way of living and embracing the tradition than Japanese people, even when it means a step backward in improving their life style.

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