Bicycle Patrollers (2004-11-21)

I was in Shinjuku (kanji) the other day and saw a group of people wearing a double-sided bib with a crossed-out bicycle mark patrolling the street.  There were probably a dozen of them walking slowly on one side of the street checking out all the illegally-parked bikes.  They would stop in front of any such bicycles, study them and conduct a quick discussion among themselves, and they would prod along to the next bike or bikes and repeated their actions.  I followed them for a little while trying to take their picture from across the street where I spotted them.  Then they came to a set of traffic lights and stopped.  They were joined by a man dressed in casual clothes there who proceeded to give them instruction and all of these patrollers were listening very intently.  Since I had to meet a friend that day, I couldn't follow them to see what their next step of action was and left them with a question mark in my head. 

Don't you just hate stories without an ending?

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