Vaccination Time (2007-12-11)

It's that time of the year: KL and I got our annual flu shot last month which also coincided with the vaccination time for Sacca and Neegau.

These days, Sacca visits us almost everyday.  He drops by whenever he wants treats which is about three to four times a day.  But Neegau seldom comes in, and even when she does, it's impossible to catch her.  She runs away at the sight of us.  Therefore vaccination provides the perfect opportunity for me to hold and cuddle her, haha.

I had asked Mrs Y to put them in a cage before I went to collect them at her house early in the morning (the cats stay at her place every night).  Against my insistance for her to stay home, Mrs Y came with me to the clinic.  She was worried the vet wouldn't know the cats' medical history so she felt she had to tell him personally.  I told her the vet did know and it was all recorded in their charts, but you know old people, they could be as stubborn as super glue.

Anyway the vaccination went well.  Mrs Y wanted the vet to do the blood test again on the cats to check their Leukemia and AIDS ?(can't remember) status even thought I think it's useless.  They already had that checked last year and the result won't change their course of vaccination.  But if that would ease her worry, I'd let her have her way.

When we got back to Mrs Y's house, she insisted on giving me 10000Yen (about US$90).  I accepted it after she kept shoving it in my pocket.  The money would help pay for that useless blood tests.

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