Visiting Friends (2004-11-05)

The Saturday before last we went to Ikebukuro (kanji) to see a friend of KL's from highschool whom he has not seen in 19 years.  She was traveling with her husband in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sendai, and Tokyo.  Her husband, Dr DM, is an avid fan of the Formula One race and they came all the way from their home in San Francisco to attend the event.  While they were here, they endured two powerful typhoons but luckily the race was not canceled altogether and they were able to do some sightseeing too.

The hotel they were staying happened to be the very one we stayed at when we first arrived in Japan in 1999.  Going back to its lobby brought back a flood of memories, including how I tripped in the revolving front door of that hotel and scared the heck out of KL.  Can't believe it's over five years now since that happened.

Dr DM and his wife, Dr AM are very smart people, and so young!  The husband is a system control engineer and his wife, who has TWO doctorate degrees, does research in corrective eye surgery.  Therefore with KL in our group, I was surrounded by not one, not two, but three intelligent doctors in our little afternoon tea gathering.  There was enough power surge around me from highly-developed brain cells to singe our iced tea hot!  As your common everyday layperson/housewife in our group, I think I kept less intelligent remarks to a minimum and we had a good time chatting the afternoon away. Some of the more intelligent topics we talked about included the Japanese toilet seats our friends bought which they planned to carry on the plane themselves, unusual omiyage for unusual people.

Not only did our friends pay for the afternoon tea, they also brought us a gift from Kyoto.  Nice friends like them should visit more often! 

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