Street Musicians (2005-06-29)

I admire street musicians.  For one thing, they have guts.  These budding artists pour their hearts out to perform in public in front of total strangers.   These talented musicians often play the songs they have recorded in their independently-made CDs.  After their performance, the singer (if the person is a lone musician) or a member of the band will try to sell spectators the CD they have produced.

Some street musicians play in public solely for the fun of it.  They are not trying to sell you anything or solicit money from onlookers.  They simply want to share their music with the world. 

Two places which are popular with street musicians are Inokashirakoen in Kichijoji (kanji) (you can get there by Chou Line) and the open area in front of Gap store in Shinjuku's (kanji) Lumine Building (JR Shinjuku Station's South or East Exit).  KL took a short video of two groups of street musicians.  Take a look of them if you like.

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