I Secretly Shot Pictures Of My Neighbor's Cat (2007-09-22)

My neighbor had to go away for the weekend and I was asked to feed her cats and cleaned their litter boxes.  I happily said yes as taking care of animals is the most pleasurable job in the world.  This is the neighbor who LOOOVES cats.  She has a habit of rescuing sick or injured stray cats, give them medical treatment and find them a home.  And if she can't find people to adopt the cats, she ends up adopting them herself, which explains why she has four cats in an apartment no bigger than 200 square feet right now.  Sometimes I think her sense of reality is totally overtaken by her altruism.  I once said to her "You can only do so much to help" but I guess she can't help herself.

While I was in her apartment, I only had a 2-second glimpse of two very shy cats before they scurried off under the bed, a third one never showed his face (although I've seen him before) at all.  The fourth one is the bravest who eyed me with intense cautiousness while I dished out the food.  My neighbor found him on a beach in Yokohama sick and weak.  He came through well with treatment and care.

I hope my neighbor doesn't turn into one of those crazy women you see on the news whose house becomes a disease/flea fest and poop hell by the insane number of stray cats they keep.

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