Trying To Eat Cleaner Produce (2007-11-21)

Is there any doubt that eating organic food is better for you?  Who needs all that bug spray or synthetic stuff farmers pump into their cattle?  I'm trying to "eat as much organic as possible", so is where I go to get produce lately instead of the local supermarket.

There are many organic farmers on the website, I just randomly pick the ones whose products suit our needs.  I'm not gullible to think that 100% of the advertised sites are what they say they are (or are they?), but being in Japan, the chance of a crook selling fake organic food is relatively low.  I hope I haven't been duped.

I got a pretty good box of semi-organic--meaning reduced pesticides and synthetic fertilisers--produce from this farmer in Ohgata in Akita (kanji) Prefecture last week.  There's a good variety of veggies in the box including my favorite broccolini, an absolute rarity in ordinary supermarkets, woohoo!

I also bought a 5 kg bag of rice from him and got three stalks of dried, ready-to-be-threshed rice as a "gift".  I couldn't very well waste food, so I spent 90 minutes in front of the TV removing the outer husk grain by grain.  And how much rice did I get?  A teaspoonful!

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