Wonton Chicken Pot (2008-03-19)

Don't remember when I saw a scene on TV in which actors were eating a pot of wonton chicken in a Hong Kong drama series, but that image really stuck in my head--not the scene or the actors, but that big pot of wonton chicken.

So I made one to sate my craving.  I have no idea how to make such a dish.  All I did was making wontons (meaning stuffing seasoned minced pork into wrappers), simmering a chicken in half-strength stock with a couple of slices of ginger and some scallion for an hour, precooking the raw wontons in water for 5 minutes and adding them in the chicken stock with some briefly blanched Chinese greens.  Of course you'll have to season the soup for taste.

The result is a big pot of delicious wontons/veggies/chicken soup.  Not difficult to make though it does take some time to cook.

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