Invisible Bras (2004-08-12)

A new kind of bra is hitting the market.  Besides being sold in underwear shops, these bras are also easily found in drug stores.  They are basically nude-color silicon cups that are supposed to stick to the breasts after the user wets them with a dab of water.  These so-called invisible bras don't offer any support for the breasts (which totally defeats the purpose of a bra in the first place) but they eliminate annoying problems just as shifting bra straps, scraping bra hooks and the general restrictive feeling of  wearing a bra.  And they don't come cheap, costing about US$70-$100 a set.

If only Janet Jackson had slapped one on, may be she would not have stirred up so much poop when her "wardrobe malfunctioned".  Afterall these bras do offer a bit more coverage on the breasts than the star Janet Jackson used to cover her nipple.

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