Breakfast At Viron (2010-06-24)

For those who love bread for breakfast, here's good news.  Viron, the French bakery in Shibuya (kanji), has a good bread breakfast at a very good price.

For 1260 Yen/ US$14, the breakfast includes a basket of baguette and multi-grain slices, a choice of two kinds of pastry, half a dozen kinds of jams, chocolate spread and honey (all imported from France), and unlimted coffee or tea.

All the bread selection is from their own bakery of course, and if you like it so much after you ate it, you can buy it from their first floor counter.  The pastry alone would cost about $5-$7, and a cup of coffee or a pot of tea in Shibuya easily costs another $5 each, which makes the breakfast price a very good deal.

Price isn't really the driving factor here, the bread is.  The baguette, made with flour imported from France, was wheaty, the crust crunchy and the innards chewy.  I loved it.  The other bread was good although not mindblowingly so.

The first piece of  viennoiseries I chose from the server's basket- Brioche au sucre- was deliciously soft, fluffy and a little sweet from the sugar in the dents.  Although it was buttery, its butteriness was mellow and sweet, not the strong "gamey" flavor I dislike.

I'm never the pastry kind (as I'm not a fan of buttery flavor) but the pain aux raisins was so yummy it baffles me.  The pastry (I'm sure was made with loads of butter) was very flaky and very light.  Each bite gave off a shattering of crispy layers mixed with the chewiness and sweetness of raisins.  Delicious!

Service in restaurants here is almost always good, but the staff at Viron are over-the-top friendly.  The handsome server who topped up KL's coffee was always smiling as if he really loves his job!  And when the bread server saw me take photos of her basket while serving KL, she wheeled around and placed the basket in front of me and asked me if I'd like to take its picture.  Now I like a store that encourages photo taking!

If you can't finish your bread, don't worry, they will offer to bag it for you to take home.  But we two fat pigs gobbled our entire lot while the tables around us had leftovers!

Viron      Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 33-8 (東京都渋谷区宇田川町 33-8 塚田ビル1F)   Tel: 5458-1776 (across from Tokyu Department Store)

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