Kumano Festival That I Missed (2004-09-30)

There are many matsuri (festivals) in summer here in Tokyo.  The classic ones will be those that feature Japanese in traditional costumes showcasing a portable shrine (omikoshi) through the streets with loud music and drums.  I've seen such parades the past few years but I haven't made an effort to go to one this year. 

We just missed a big one last week that took place in Shinjuku (kanji).  I saw its advertisement on residential notice boards throughout our neighbors the past few weeks but I didn't make a metal note to remember the dates it was held.  I only realized the matsuri was on when KL and I went to Shinjuku to meet Fung last weekend and saw all these laterns, makeshift shrines and omikoshi on the streets.  This matsuri, Kumano Temple Festival, is supposed to be quite spectacular and well-known.  I'll have to wait till next year to take its pictures.

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