Homemade Hamburgers (2005-04-03)

One food item you will not find in any supermarkets in Tokyo is hamburger buns.  I've been to numerous supermarkets in my five and a half years here and not one store carries them, in fact hot dog buns are uncommon either, but at least they exist.  This is really weird because it's not like Japanese don't eat hamburgers.  Perhaps cooking hamburgers at home is just not done here. 

When I crave for a hamburger for dinner, I've been using sliced bread for the bun, and it just doesn't feel right.  So, to solve the problem, I make my own buns.  You might think I'm a perfectionist, but I also happen to like making bread, particularly focaccia, BBQ pork buns and pizza.  And I've had a lot of success baking lately after previous failure.  KL said the BBQ buns are so good I could sell them!  (I think he's biased)

If I go to a Japanese person's house for a BBQ meal, I know what not to expect: hamburgers and hot dogs.

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