The fun continues (2004-03-19)

After a long day running around town all day Saturday, we hit the sack as soon as we arrived home and slept in Sunday morning.   Fung visited Meiji Jingu Shrine (kanji) alone and we met up for lunch in Shibuya (kanji).  We wandered aimlessly looking for a place to eat and stumbled upon a little restaurant called Kirin City.  We decided to eat there because the replica display outside the restaurant looked appealing.  We each ordered a set lunch and shared a side dish of prawn spring rolls.  The food was very good and inexpensive (about US$7 per lunch set).  All the dishes on the menu have a picture and English title making ordering easy.  I'll definitely go back next time, if I can find it again.

After lunch we walked back to Shibuya station to take the subway Hanzonmon Line (kanji) and got off at Otemachi station.  Our destination was the Imperial Palace.  It was my very first trip inside the Palace garden because I never found out how to get inside the Palace all these years.  What do I know?  I've only lived here for four and a half years!  Anyway we had to take a plastic card upon entry which we returned on exit.  The garden is spacious and all the plants are neatly maintained.  I liked the well-trimmed pine trees, they generate a serene ambience throughout the garden.

We left the garden after about an hour and walked a few blocks to Tokyo Station.  The station is sprawling with several shopping streets crisscrossing each other.  It is easy to get lost inside, but the many English signs may help one find his bearings.  There are a lot of shops selling food omiyage (souvenir/gift).  Japanese people always bring their friends and family omiyage after a trip.  Since Tokyo Station serves as the hub for long distance trains, people returning from their trip can just get a gift at one of those shops.  We didn't buy any presents, but we did eat sesame ice-cream and bought some bagels.

Fung wanted to see the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa (kanji), so we hurriedly left Tokyo for Asakusa before it became too dark to take photos.  What we saw when we got there was  its door closing as we were walking towards the steps leading to the Temple.  So unlucky!  Fortunately there are still a lot to see besides the temple, so we wandered the zillion of souvenir shops and took a bunch of photos.  When we left Asakusa it was fully dark.  We took the subway and went back to Shibuya for dinner.

We had ramen for dinner at a small shop called Oomichi which is located in a narrow street that lies perpendicular to the cylindrical 109 Building.  You have to pay for the food by buying a ticket from a machine before taking your seat.  The noodles turned out to be very good, we left the shop satisfied.

We accompanied Fung back to the hotel and stayed for a little while.  We had fun today but I was totally beat again.

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