Bamboo Shoot Spears (2005-06-14)

Our neighbor recently returned from a trip and brought us some fresh bamboo shoots.  The long spear-like shoots are not the delicious fat type we see on the market and I was told they are very hard to find and only available for an extremely short period in late Spring.  In other words, these bamboo spears are very rare and precious.

I cooked them the way just as she told me to: grilled with a bit of oil and salt and pepper.  They turned out to be so tough that we had a hard time chewing them, and they also tasted weird.  Then I peeled back the layers heavily with the remaining lot and cooked them for a very long time in a stew.  This time they softened somewhat but still tasted weird.

If you ever plan on giving food as gifts, make sure it is not too exotic and unusual, otherwise your good intention and effort will just be wasted.

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