SMAP Buttons (2006-12-11)

I took today's pictures last month, but due to the Hawaii entries, I'm just posting them now.  What you see are a bunch of people, mainly women, waiting patiently in Shinjuku's (kanji) train station for organizers to put up SMAP buttons on the wall so they could all get one.  I saw the people on my way to lunch and they were still there on my way back from lunch.

SMAP is a hugely popular five-member band here.  The band has thousands of thousands (millions?) of fans across Japan and even overseas.  Besides concerts and albums, the members also do movies and TV etc.

I never understand the mentality behind "idol worship".  I never once went crazy about a singer or actor in my life, not even when I was a teenager.  And to wait for hours just to get a button?!  You can't even pay me to do that.  Er...yes, you can if the price is right.

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