Weird Watermelons (2004-07-11)

Next time someone gives you a puzzle to solve and the hint is "It's shaped like a watermelon".  You better ask the person which country's watermelons?  Because in Japan, watermelons can be square.  They are shaped like cubes!

KL took the picture of the watermelon you see today.  He found it in Shinjuku (kanji) and I've seen one in Shibuya (kanji) last year.  Every year these weird looking watermelons pop up in specialty fruit shops.  This year two new varieties enter the picture: a watermelon with yellow skin and another one with white skin and green splotches.

I would not be surprised if one day I saw purple tomatoes and red round bananas on the market.  Japanese people just loooove to invent and create.  Good for them!

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