Recent Shopping--Bread Tin And Blender (2008-12-16)

Remember that evil bread tin?  It's gone so evil that it's been banished to Bread Tin Hell.  (Bread dough just refuses to rise in the tin and collapse while baking, making me a very frustrated bread maker.)  So I bought another one--a teflon-coated tin--this one is behaving like a good lil' obedient child so far.

I also got a small blender cos I want to pulverize dried food which our stab blender can't do.  Just US$20 for this blender, it's a really good bargain, if it lasts.

There are also photos of some other things I bought recently.  I dunno if they are of interest to any of you out there, but I want to keep a record of them in this journal.

The "slippers" I bought are not Crocs, they are Frocs! (Crocs-lookalike)  I don't have a clue how comfortable Crocs are, but at one fifth of the price of Crocs, these Frocs are the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn.  They are soft, pliable, very light and very warm, and the washable snap-on lining can be removed during the warm weather.  I can't fathom paying 4000Yen (US$40) for a pair of Crocs to wear around the house, it's insane!  Those that have the Mickey "holes" in the top part go for $70! (Yeah, 30 bucks goes straight to the pockets of the Disney suits)

I can never spend that kind of money on something that only goes with pyjamas.  Unless you are very small (under 6 years old) or a very famous chef (Mario Batali), let me be brutally honest here, you don't look good in Crocs wearing any of your street clothes.

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