L'entracte (2010-12-06)

We got dropped off at Printemps before 1pm.  Hungry, we walked around the area to look for food.

The menu of L'entracte looked good enough to try.  We got a very small table next to two hefty Frenchmen.  They were the most friendly people we met on the entire trip.  They would smile at us, asked us where we were from and even later politely taught us a dining faux pas in France that I committed, which is never to eat a duck leg with your hand!

While we were patiently waiting for our food to come, one of them waved the manager to his table and said something to him (in French of course).  The manager looked a bit embarrassed and left.  He then turned to us and said, "I just told him that these two lovely people have been very patient.  Now is the time to bring them some food!".  And sure enough, our food arrived soon after.

Speaking of our food, I tried the famous duck confit for the first time at L'entracte which is also the best one I had after two more times in later days.  The meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender and seasoned just right.  It kinda tasted like a Chinese preserved duck leg without the intense saltiness and hardness.  KL also enjoyed his grilled lamb chops a lot. 

We were so impressed with the food we returned a second time.

L'entracte     1, Rue Auber        Metro: Opera

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