Curry Laksa Mix (2008-10-22)

Once a month my sister Serlina puts our mail in Sydney in a big envelope and sends it to us (Have we said enough thank you to you, Serlina?).  A couple of weeks ago, she sent us something extra with our mail: a packet of Curry Laksa mix, hehehehe.

It is a brand we haven't tried but Serlina says it's the best tasting among other brands she's tried and the taste is authentic.  Her husband is Chinese Malaysian and they do know a thing or two about curries, sambal and laksa and other southeast Asian food.  Okay, when Serlina says it is authentic, I believe it can't be too far off the chart.

I made it the other night and sure enough, it was tasty although I couldn't detect any curry flavor.  The broth is very fragrant and not as thick and heady as Prima Taste's Laksa.  Both are delicious stuff though.

Anyway we enjoyed it thanks to Serlina.

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