Hong Kong Nursing Home (2006-01-24)

Of the four full days we spent in Hong Kong, half of it was spent for taking care of "business". 

We had gone to the bank to collect my two-year overdue ATM card, had visited KL's ailing mother in the nursing home with his sister twice, visited the cemetery for KL's father, and gone to the Immigration branch to activate our HK Smart ID cards.

The nursing home where KL's mom is staying is one of a number of two-story buildings in a large compound in New Territories.  All of the buildings are arranged in a neat and spacious fashion throughout the complex.

KL's mom is in a room shared by two other residents who, like her, require round-the-clock nursing care.  Communication with my mother-in-law is non-existent.  Due to the numerous stroke she suffered, she has lost most of the voluntary functions in her body.  I doubt if she has any thought process left, she cannot follow commands or maintain eye contact.

If you think death is the ultimate downfall of a human being, try looking at a person who is fed through a tube, loses every excretion function, has no cognitive and mobility capability, and wasting away in bed.  It will change your mind.  It is a scourge inflicted upon the patient, and more so on the family members who care about them.

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